Wamic Zaidi

Wamic Zaidi is a 19 year old Pakistani-American who is a member of the world-famous group chat D E M B O Y Z. Wamic was born in Pakistan but attended school in Pflugerville Texas. He attended Pflugerville High School with the rest of the chat. Wamic is a big New England Patriots fan, which can cause conflict with other chat members. He rarely attends D E M B O Y Z events because he is allergic to dogs. He also is known to avoid others, threatening "isolation" during his first year of college. Regardless, he has been loyal to the chat despite not going to anything.


Wamic attended Park Crest Middle School in Pflugerville. There, he met Josh, Shahrez, James, and Tony, to name a few. Wamic later attended Pflugerville High School, where he finished in the top 10 percent of the class of 2016. Wamic was not really involved with any clubs, but did take a lot of Health and medical related classes, with HOSA members. He was also a member of National Honor Society. Wamic took a majority of AP classes and performed well in most subjects. He is currently at UT Austin, where he is undecided major-wise. He has mentioned his interest in the medical field and was voted "Most Likely To Cure Cancer" at the NHS final meeting.


Wamic has an intersting personality. Some of the time he is withdrawn and does not enjoy conversing with others, like his isolation attempt would suggest. Other times he is very animated and often engages in banter with other chat members, specifically former Park Crest students. Some would descibe him as choleric, and find it easy to agitate him and insult him. This has lead to a rivarly of sorts between him and James, Shahrez, and sometimes Josh. He sometimes has nicknames for chat members, like calling Paton "The Freckled Fiend". Most of the rivarly stems from him being a fan of the Patriots, which most members do not like. He will also argue about movies, as he is a fan of Marvel Films. Movies are pretty much the only event he will go to. However, he will pretty much argue about anything. He has a strong disdain of pandas and how they are protected. He has performed well at the few chat-related things he does. He placed second in the most recent Madden Tournament. He also broke Willie's undefeated fantasy football season. His academics are strong as well.

"I'd describe Wamic as the type of guy people like to poke a stick at to see his reaction. It is not poking a bear, it is more like poking a panda instead. An angry panda. But still, how angry can a panda really get?" - William C. Scott

Wamic is still well-liked besides these traits, the chat members want to see what he will say next, even though it will probably be over-the-top.

Famous quotes

"That is rude and disrespectful"

" Tom Brady is the greatest of all time"

" Bill Belichick is the greatest of all time"

" The Patriots are not cheaters"

" I hate pandas"

" No I can't go to that, I'm busy"

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